You Are In! Pre-Meeting Preparation

Here Are The Next Steps To Get Ready For Your Meeting...

Step 1 – Review the Materials Below

Below I have shared a few speeches, interviews and writings. Review these before the meeting. This will help you to get familiar with who I am, who my team and I have helped as well as my working style and personality

Step 2 – Have a Business Partner?

If you have a business partner (or a spouse who is active with you), please have them review these materials and/or have them attend the meeting with you. It is the best use of all our time if everyone involved in your real estate endeavors is familiar with this raising capital process.

Step 3 – Do your Homework
Before your meeting, I want you to do your homework.

If you haven’t already looked at my training about the “lifetime worth of an investor”, please do that now.
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Review These Materials Prior To Your Scheduled Meeting...

To make the best use of our meeting, please take some time to review the materials below. They will give you a good idea of my philosophy around raising money and how we help our clients to attract investors and raise capital, and the results they have gotten.

Client Case Studies and Testimonials

Here are a few clients I've recently worked with. My clients have raised over $300M in capital the past couple of years

Watch Case Studies From My Clients

Speeches, Interviews, and Writings I've Done Recently

A 6 Minute-Overview of Our Raising Capital Process

A Short Training on How to Raise 6 Figures in 6 Weeks.

Here's What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

"...we raised $450,000 for one project and ...$550,000 for another"

Since working with you we raised $450,000 for one project and ... $550,000 for another Self Storage investment. Now we are doing a CAD $1.5 million equity raise...So the techniques and tips work.

Paul Reynolds
and Jon Wyles
Stop N Store

"This works!"

I did what you recommended to was my first presentation so I was a little more informal. He asked a lot of questions and by the end he was really happy and excited...(and he's going to invest) $200,000! This works!

Bruno Jury

“…I got an investor eagerly on board, along with all of her friends!”

“One thing that worked really well for me was the PowerPoint presentation. I did what he said, I plugged my information into it, I followed his tips and I went and had a meeting with an investor. They were more than impressed…I got an investor eagerly on board along with all of her friends!”

Brendan Skilton-Douglas
from beginner to
pro-investor in
record time!