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Real estate investing is a promising path to financial freedom. However, many investors find themselves stuck with a small portfolio that costs more in time, effort, and money than it’s worth. If you’re one of them, this blog post is for you.

The Power of Magnetic Capital Marketing

In the sixth article of the “How to Raise Capital 101” series for real estate investors, we’re looking at creating effective capital connections. This is where we introduce “Magnetic Capital Marketing” – a strategy to attract investors to you, pre-educated, pre-motivated, and predisposed to invest with you.

The Key Elements of Magnetic Capital Marketing

Magnetic Capital Marketing is about constant, consistent, and edutaining communication. It involves a variety of marketing tactics, such as electronic newsletters, blog posts, and video logs. The key is to provide a bit of education wrapped in a story from your experience, ideally with a bit of entertainment so that people look forward to your communication.

The goal of Magnetic Capital Marketing is to create curiosity and get people to self-identify, to put up their hand and say, “Hey, you know what? I’m interested in what you have to say about real estate investing. I’d like to find out more.” This is a complete reversal from you chasing after people and doing all the desperate, needy, creepy things that so many capital raisers think they have to do.

The Impact of Magnetic Capital Marketing

One of our clients, Matt, implemented Magnetic Capital Marketing and saw a massive response. He was able to raise close to a million bucks with this marketing before it even really got kicked into gear. This shows the power of Magnetic Capital Marketing when it’s part of a comprehensive process.

Next Steps

Your task after reading this post is to prepare for your Magnetic Capital Marketing. Pick one thing and get it started. If you’re more comfortable writing, then pick something to do with writing like blog posts or electronic newsletters. If you’re comfortable filming yourself, then you could be doing videos. Remember, the goal of Magnetic Capital Marketing is to get some quick wins under your belt and set the stage for the rest of the marketing that will be coming down the pipeline.

In the next article of the “How to Raise Capital 101” series, Dave will show you how to go from one-on-one investor meetings to one-to-many investor meetings. This is massively leveraging your time, your efforts, and the effects. It’s putting it on steroids. This is the number one way that Dave has raised capital since 2013.

Ready to Attract Investors with Magnetic Capital Marketing?

Now that you understand the power of Magnetic Capital Marketing and how it’s a key component of the Money Partner Formula, it’s time to take the next step. We’ve helped over 300 clients raise more than $300 million since 2013 by implementing the Money Partner Formula, and we’re ready to help you too.

Don’t miss this opportunity to draw investors to you like a magnet. Book a call with us today at and let’s start your journey to mastering Magnetic Capital Marketing as part of the Money Partner Formula.