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POST-COVID: A Proven Speaker who can provide real value for your members AND significant non-membership revenue for your club or organization (without any high-pressure baloney).

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Personal message from Dave Dubeau...

Meet Dave Dubeau.

Dave Dubeau is recognized as North America's #1 "Investor Attraction Imple-Mentor". Dave shows real estate entrepreneurs how to stop getting repeatedly rejected using out-of-date techniques like 'dialing for dollars', schmoozing and being manipulative and needy when trying to raise capital. With his proprietary process, money partners instead start calling, texting and emailing you, eager to find out more about your real estate deals and opportunities.

Dave's Most Popular On-Line Presentation ...

How to Find JV Partners & Raise Capital without Rejection: Magnetically Attract Money-Partners to You…Calling, Texting and Emailing About Your Real Estate Investments & Deals! (And All with…Zero Cold Calls, No Begging, and No Groveling – Even in These Challenging Times).

During this live, interactive ON-LINE presentation, your followers are going to discover…

  • The # 1 Key To Real Estate Success (No matter what strategy they follow, or where you are buying properties). This is the only difference between the top 5% of Real Estate Investors and the bottom 95% who are stuck with between 1-4 properties.
  • A Secret for LEAP-FROGGING over more successful, more experienced investors (even if they have deeper pockets than you do). It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, novice or experienced investor, this skill will allow you to cut to the front of the line.
  • A simple, proven 5 Step Plan to Have Prospective Money- Partners calling YOU, pre-sold on investing with you. Plus how you can get it up and running FAST (and inexpensively).
  • The top 5 places where your ideal investors hang out (and how to get in front them).
  • How to get your phone ringing, texts flying and email buzzing with…ZERO cold-calling, NO schmoozing and NO ‘begging’ for money.
  • Who you should (and should NOT) focus on when it comes to prospective money partners (if you get this wrong, you are in for a WORLD of hurt).
  • How to Enjoy Complete CONFIDENCE when speaking with prospective investors (no more seeming ‘needy’) And without being ‘salesy’.
  • REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES: How several of Dave’s superstar students are using this exact process to literally raise MILLIONS.

Here’s the simple, proven 5 Step Money Partner Formula™ Dave will share with your audience that will help them to attract investors with ease and raise serious capital for their real estate investments!

PLUS...These FREE Gifts for Your Attendees!

PDF copies of the slide deck, Dave’s newest book “Money Partner Formula” and his Special Report “The Top 7 Ways To Generate Immediate Credibility”.

Here's How It Works in a Nutshell: 4 Easy Steps To Success...

Webinar with Offer To Attend a Virtual Workshop (low cost, high value - no pressure sales)

This is an excellent option for you and your group as it provides the best training for attendees, as well as the highest revenues for the organization.

Dave does an exclusive, live on-line presentation (75 mins) for your group. His presentation is “Find JV’s and Raise Capital without Rejection”. Attendees also get multiple bonuses for attending the call live. At the end of the talk, Dave offers tickets to an upcoming 1 day Virtual workshop.

Text message from a recent promotional partner:

Click on the preview image below to view FULL SIZE.

The ticket price for the Virtual Workshop is just $97 with a special $50 Discount for your followers. This brings it down to just $47/ticket (100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee), with all proceeds going to support your club/organization.

Ticket buyers then attend Dave’s very popular* 1 day virtual (online) workshop where he gives a full 8 hours of in-depth training plus offers his “ENGAGE” done-for-you marketing services to help people implement what they’ve learned.

Revenue share: Your organization receives 100% of all workshop ticket sales, PLUS a $1,000 commission for each D4Y service offer sold to your members at the workshop.

Same promo partner – screenshot of sign-ups from the live webinar…

Same Day Results: 41 people on the call ‘live’ and 10 Workshop Registrations

(and we usually at least double that with the webinar replay sequence)

Comments from recent virtual workshop attendees...

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What Other Real Estate Club & Event Organizers Say About

Having Dave Dubeau Speak For Their Groups

Gary Hibbert, Founder, The Smart Home Choice Investment Club. Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Julie Hoffman, Founder, The Okanagan Real Estate Investment Club. Kelowna, BC. Canada

Sua Truong, Organizer,
The Synergy Investment
Club. Surrey, BC Canada

Marco Silvestri, Founder,
Winnipeg CashFlow Club

Jarek Bucholc, Founder,
Canada REIC, Calgary, AB.

Tim Reid, Director,
Canada REIC

Marc Ramsey, Director,
Synergy Investment Club,
Surrey, BC

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How It Works In A Nutshell: 4 EASY Steps To Success

Webinar with Offer To Attend a Virtual Workshop (low cost, high value - no pressure sales)

This is an excellent option for you and your group as it provides the best training for attendees, as well as the highest revenues for the organization.

Dave does an exclusive, live WEBINAR (75 mins) for your group. His presentation is “Find JV’s and Raise Capital in Challenging Times”. Live attendees also get multiple bonuses for attending. At the end of his presentation, he offers tickets to an upcoming 1 day Virtual workshop. The ticket price for the Virtual Workshop is just $49 (100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee), with all proceeds going to your club/organization.

Ticket buyers then attend Dave’s very popular* 1 day virtual (online) workshop where he gives a full 8 hours of in-depth training plus offers his entry level done-for-you marketing services to help people implement what they’ve learned.

Click on the preview image below to view FULL SIZE.

Revenue share: Your organization receives 100% of all workshop ticket sales, PLUS a 25% commission on any of Dave’s services sold at the workshop.

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What Actual Attendees Say About Dave Dubeau's Events...

What Recent VIRTUAL Workshop Grads Say...

Information was very well presented and organized. You delivered what you said you would and MORE!!
Deborah Honeybourne, West Kelowna, BC

Great webinar Dave. Major take away on getting Clarity on what is needed to get a successful business road map. Thank you.
Heath Gorgichuk, Edmonton, AB

As a newbie, I am happy with the amount of automation in presenting to potential investors. Thanks!
Lynette Morris , La Vergne, TN

Dave’s webinar helped to layout the short-cut roadmap for finding and attracting real estate investors.
Chad Laston , Rockledge, FL

The information was enlightening, straight to the point, and not pushy.
Terell Smith, Moreno Valley, CA

I enjoyed Dave Dubeau’s illustration of how easy it is to build business relationship first with my lead and when to market to them
Andrea Richards, Georgetown, ON

Thanks Dave! Wealth of knowledge…most important the ease of doing it. You have made it super simple and realistic. Thanks for working the trenches to bring this info to us. Keep rocking it!
Michael Almeida, W. Palm Beach, FL

Awesome job Dave! In addition to all the amazing raising capital information you gave us, please tell me the source of energy you used to keep going for 8 hours!
Andrew Walsh , Hamilton, ON

I really appreciated the lack of fluff and the straightforward and organized and high level view presentation of the amazing amount of actionable information.
Jeff Pacelt, Phoenix, AZ

very impressive webinar, you have over deliver as you said you would I look forward to learning from you and your team
Luis Rios, Orange County, NY

Dave, it was great session and very valuable to learn about the 5 steps of the Money Partner Formula
Bruce McCabe , Mono, ON

Dave Dubeau’s Course on raising private capital does wonders for helping you get over your limiting beliefs and move forward with taking your real estate investing business to the next level!
Jordan Perry , Douro-Dummer, ON

Enjoyed attending Dave Dubeau’s webinar “Finding Investors and Raising Capital in Challenging Times”. The information was thought provoking and easy to follow. Definitely a value-added source of knowledge for me to use as I move forward with Real Estate Investment.
Horace McCoy , Canyon Country, CA

Today was a jammed packed day of information! Even though I have successfully raised some capital on my own already, I learned a ton more and am really excited to put my new skills to use.
Gillian Irving , Toronto, ON

What Other Club Directors and Cross Promotional
Partners Say About Working With Dave Dubeau...

Dave was communicative and kind.

We really enjoyed working with him on the promotional webinar for our products, he helped promote us to his list and gave us a great turn out.

We sold over 17 units and the leads keep rolling in!

We loved working with Dave and would be happy to recommend him to work for anyone in the future.

Isabelle Guarino
COO – Chief Operating Officer
Residential Assisted Living (RAL) Academ

Dave Dubeau as a Presenter, Partner and Person
Let’s start with the most visible aspect, the Person. I’ve known Dave for 10 years now…and I know dozens of people who know Dave…and I’m yet to hear anything remotely negative about the guy.

He’s smart, funny, friendly, punctual. He’s a straight shooter and he’s very generous with his time and sharing his contacts and his bottomless knowledge. In short, he’s a great guy, everyone who knows him will say that about him.
And being a great guy makes him a great partner. He is precise with his invoices, accommodating, flexible and most importantly when money is involved, he is honest, quick to pay and 100% trustworthy – the number one quality of a good business partner..
Now, great guy and great partner does not automatically mean great presenter. Except when it comes to Dave. Because everything I’ve said so far he brings to the stage or the mike because he genuinely wants to help his attendees and his participants to have more success in their business.
He offers great value through great programs that are reasonably priced.
We’ve had Dave present to our club members at a live event and on a webinar, and we will do that again for sure as soon as possible.
In short, Dave is a great guy, an awesome partner and an accomplished presenter. It is ALWAYS a pleasure to see him, talk with him, work with him.

Daniel St-Jean
Professional Real Estate Investor, Educator and Sherpa
Co-Founder of The Real Estate Investing Training & Education Club


As always, it was great seeing you in Saskatoon! Thanks so much for taking the time to come present to our group.

And once again, thanks so much for your extremely generous donation to R.E.I.G.S. You single-handedly kept the lights on!

Dr. Michael Bugg
Professional Real Estate Investor, (and Veterinarian)
Director of The Real Estate Investing Group Saskatoon.

Working with Dave has been pleasant, professional and lucrative.

Dave ‘s audience has the utmost respect for him and his longevity and integrity in the real estate industry and , as such, respond very well to those he selectively brings to the table.

Chris Prefontaine
Creator & Founder
Smart Real Estate Coach

Working with Dave Dubeau on a joint venture has been fantastic.

Dave is well organized, articulate, and is an overall great businessman. Two things became very clear right from our first meeting with Dave.

1) He’s looking for long-term, win-win partnerships.
2) He puts delivering true value above all else.

When working with joint venture partners, we’re always looking to make sure that the partnership will be mutually beneficial and that the audience we’re promoting to derives real value from what we have to offer. Also paramount is that whoever we partner with delivers great value to our audience for obvious reasons! Dave has always been completely aligned with these outcomes, which made it exceptionally easy for us to work together all the way through.

Dave is an excellent example of how one often wishes everyone could be in business. He arrives early and prepared to every meeting, and his genuine interest in the people he works with shows through.

Not only that, but Dave (in expectedly well organized fashion) made a point of going above and beyond to make further introductions and ensure that we everything went smoothly even after the initial partnership had come to a close.

I would highly recommend working with Dave if you get the chance!

James Svetec
Creator & Founder
BNB Mastery Program

I have personally known Dave for 9 years and I have had the privilege of working with him several times. Dave has also worked with others that I know personally and I have heard nothing but great things.

Dave and I have done several joint venture deals and I have never worked with anyone I trust more than Dave. He has always done what he says he will do, all on a hand shake. I trust and respect Dave so much that we are entering into another Joint Venture.

I look forward to doing many more joint ventures with Dave in the future and I highly recommend him as a joint venture partner.

Ken Beaton is a very successful real estate investor, educator and public speaker located in Eastern Ontario. He is the co-author of Creative Real Estate Investing for Canadians and How To Buy And Manage An Investment Property.

I always believe joint venture is the best way to grow a business. Structured properly, it’s win-win for both parties.

Over the years, I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales through joint ventures. I’ve done business with some good joint venture partners and I’ve done business with some horrible joint venture partners.

Out of all the joint venture partners I’ve worked with, Dave Dubeau is the #1 joint venture partner in my book.

I’ve known Dave Dubeau for 7 years. Not only he’s a super-savvy marketer, he’s also a man of integrity. (A rare combination!)

I’ve done not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but 10 joint ventures with him over the years. That should tell you something. I have made more money working with Dave than any other partner. He’s the easiest to work with and most importantly, he puts the joint venture’s partner’s interest first.

He understands it’s important to have ready to go customized promotional materials for joint venture partners, he understands it’s important to have a presentation that sells, he understands to follow up with clients to maximize sales, he understands it’s about taking care of your customers after the sale, he understands it’s important to pay the joint venture partners on time…

And he delivered on all of that and more.

I couldn’t have asked for a better joint venture partner.

I would highly recommend him as a joint venture partner – you won’t be disappointed.

Dan “the man” Lok

If you’re a promoter…

What I’m about to tell you is in your own best interest. The world of the internet and publishing and the world wide web is filled with people who brag about accomplishments, unfortunately they may or may not produce results.}

Finally! There is a reliable source and an individual who goes the extra mile and has achieved the status of expert, authority and has attached to his name words like “dependable” “reliable” “forward thinking” and “honest” and he pays you on time.

I’ve known Dave Dubeau for a number of years and what stands out is his professional business practices. He does what he says he’s going to do and his reputation is pristine.

I’ve worked with him on a number of events live and on webinars. Those events produced the highest return on investment (ROI) dollars I’ve ever experienced. The returns were almost mil because the sales were to eager investors. Dave Dubeau has qualified client buyers, Dave will share his ideas and reveal his marketing strategies, I suggest you follow his advice. He works in the trenches and knows what he is doing and what his clients want and how much money they will spend. You won’t find a more competent marketer to joint venture with your business.

-America’s Tax Lien & Deed Authority, Ted Thomas

I’ve known Dave Dubeau for over 6 years, since he brought me on as a guest writer for his Canadian Real Estate Profits newsletter.

Since that time, I’ve helped him promote a variety of events, including live seminars, webinars, teleseminars, as well as various books and information products. I always enjoy promoting for Dave because he produces high quality products and events, he does a great job at selling them, and he pays me quickly.

The most recent live seminar I helped him promote was his Rent To Own free seminar tour on the east coast in the summer of 2012. Cities included Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Kitchener, and I promoted them to my email list using the copy he provided. The response was very good, and I was able to earn thousands quite easily from the sales he made of his home study program.
I highly recommend to everyone I know as a solid, reputable joint venture partner who delivers results.

If you have any questions about my recommendation, feel free to call me at
1-613-860-8008 xtn 153.

Paul Blacquiere , Spirepoint Education

My name is DJ Richoux and I have promoted a variety of real estate, financial education and business programs in BC, Alberta and Ontario since 2000. I have done Joint Ventures with Ted Thomas, Ron LeGrand, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and with best-selling authors like Harry S Dent JR. and Robert Kiyosaki.

I get approached to do joint ventures all the time. Most of those deals end up being just a distraction or waste of my time. These days I turn down 90 % of the joint venture opportunities.
One guy that has never wasted my time is Dave Dubeau.

I met Dave Dubeau four or five years ago. I had heard about Dave from some other colleagues. They also had good things to say about him. Their assessment and feedback on Dave in my opinion was right on the mark.

I have always found Dave to offer quality products and programs. From my experience he likes to over deliver on whatever project he is working on. A sign of good joint venture partner to me is someone who has been working with the same partners for many years. In other words have they done multiple joint ventures with the same partners year after year? The colleague that introduced me to Dave many years ago is still doing joint ventures with Dave. Matter of fact they are doing one right now.

This just shows that Dave is a man of his word and delivers on what he promised.

Most importantly, I have found Dave pays on time and pay the agreed amount.

I don’t hesitate recommending Dave as a joint venture partner.

DJ Richoux , On Track Marketing Inc.

I have known Dave Dubeau for a few years. I can tell you, Dave is the “Real Deal” which is so refreshing in the Wealth Education industry nowadays. As an active real estate investor, Dave is very current, knowledgeable, engaging, dynamic, funny and a definite crowd pleaser. Dave definitely practices what he preaches – using the techniques and principles he teaches. He is a crowd favourite, a consistent top closer and I would recommend him to anyone to have on their platform or webinar.

Chris Johnson The Grant Funding Expert

I’ve known and worked with Dave Dubeau for 8 or so years now.

In that time, I helped him promote multiple different products and services, and have always enjoyed our work together.

Dave is a professional of the highest caliber, and I highly recommend him for any joint projects you are considering.

Dave is exceptional in his marketing skills, his business strategy and management as well.
My highest recommendation.

Troy White
Small Business Copywriter

Okay, That's Great...But What About Actual RESULTS?

Here's What Clients Have To Say

About Working With Dave Dubeau...

Jamie and Leslie Collard - "...we've got people throwing money at us."

Anthony Spraggett - $900K ASAP

Alissa Bickar - $750K within 60 days...

Cory Froc - "Ninja" Results

Craig Lindgaard - Having His Own BOOK...

Mark Onaba - Raising Money with WEBINARS

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Praise for Dave Dubeau's newest book

“Money Partner Formula”

“In Dave’s new book ‘Money Partner Formula’ he shares very valuable lessons on what you can do to easily attract investors and money for your own deals. I know this stuff works because I do it. If you do some of what Dave teaches you will have some success (which is good), and if you do everything Dave teaches you will have phenomenal success. The key point is to just do it and do it with consistency.”

Ken Beaton is a very successful real estate investor, educator and public speaker located in Eastern Ontario. He is the co-author of Creative Real Estate Investing for Canadians and How To Buy And Manage An Investment Property.

“I’ve often said that your net worth is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with professionally. If you are smart, Dave Dubeau should be one of those people. His book ‘Money Partner Formula’ bridges the gap between learning about real estate investing and actually creating a substantial portfolio, enjoying big cash flow and having an amazing net worth. If you want to be a serious real estate investor (or real estate entrepreneur as Dave calls us), get this book and implement what you learn.”

Wright J. Thurston is one of the few people in the world to have built a million-dollar net worth in five totally different businesses. He’s a legendary real estate trainer and author who has done over 3,400 presentations over 35 years. Visit

“Dave Dubeau’s book ‘Money Partner Formula’ , is the ABC’s of finding money partners that every real estate investor should know. Relationships are so crucial in today’s environment, and Dave rolls out a proven method of cultivating these relationships for real estate entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this book for everyone that wants to be involved in the business of real estate investing”.

Bob Molle, the only man to win both an Olympic medal and a Grey Cup Championship, is a successful success coach, speaker, real estate investor, and he’s the author of Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

“This is a wealth of information set out in a clear – step by step format that when followed with the actionable steps outlined in the book – you too will be successful with Dave’s 5 step ‘Money Partner Formula’ ”.

Kathy Long is a Professional real estate investor; mentor, coach, YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee 2014. Kathy acquired 21 doors in 24 months and achieved financial freedom in 2.5 years. Kathy can be reached at

““A Real Powerful Secret”
When people seek you out, EVERYthing in life is easier. The challenge is creating “a machine” that consistently feeds you. In this powerful book, you’ll discover Dave’s proven system for getting people to call you, instantly putting you in driver’s seat of any deal.
If you’re even considering getting into real estate, get this book and get to work. It will make you wealthier.

Dustin Mathews, CEO & Founder

“’Money Partner Formula’ is your one-stop real estate marketing master plan for attracting, retaining and creating investor money partners. Let’s face it, the vast majority of people let alone real estate entrepreneurs, have not studied or practiced marketing. Dave Dubeau is a marketing expert with years of real experience. He has shared the tools in his tool bag, but none of this matters if you don’t put the tools into practice. I’ve spent years studying and implementing marketing and Dave is by far the master. And the great thing is that he has summarized all of his marketing secrets into a concise package.”

July Ono went from $40,000 in debt to acquiring over 500 doors in less than ten years. She realized that it was WHO YOU ARE that attracts the money and that Real Estate Investing is all about RELATIONSHIPS. Find out more about July at or

“Dave Dubeau is one of Canada’a smartest marketers and in this book you’ll learn his step by step system for using smart marketing to simplify what you can do to raise money for your deals. Definitely worth a read”.

Julie Broad, Bestselling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor. Founder of Rev N You Training Inc. Connect with her at

“I just finished reading Dave’s new book ‘Money Partner Formula’ … Absolutely OUTSTANDING! If you’re looking to raise capital for your real estate deals, look no further. Dave is not only a master marketer, he’s also an expert real estate investor who has raised millions for his own deals and he can show you how to do the same. I WISH I had a book like this when I got started investing – it would have dramatically reduced my learning curve and given me MUCH faster results.”

Paul Blacquiere is an entrepreneur, investor, consultant, speaker, and Canada’s top RRSP mortgage expert. He’s founder of Spirepoint Real Estate, an education website for real estate investors.

“In my 40 years of legal practice, many of my real estate clients lament that they have more deals than money. My advice to them is that just the way they’ve learned to find deals, accomplish their due diligence and make successful purchases, they can also learn how to find money. And when they ask how they can learn, I always refer them to my good friend and ace investor/teacher, Dave Dubeau. Dave has been assisting real estate entrepreneurs for many years on their hunt for those magical investor dollars. His new book, ‘Money Partner Formula’ is a new, easy to read and amazing money finding resource that I strongly recommend.”

Barry McGuire. Real Estate Lawyer, Investor and Trainer.

“I used to think I knew something about sales and marketing until I read Dave Dubeau’s ‘Money Partner Formula’ ; now I know I only know something about sales. Dave goes through some valuable ideas for building your investor list until cash is practically raining down on you.”

Bruce M Firestone, PhD. Ottawa Senators founder. Real Estate investor.