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Real estate investing is a promising path to financial freedom. However, many investors find themselves stuck with a small portfolio that costs more in time, effort, and money than it’s worth. If you’re one of them, this blog post is for you.

The Power of Connection Resurrection

In the fourth article of the “How to Raise Capital 101” series for real estate investors, we’re talking about creating effective capital connections. This is where we reconnect with our target group of prospective investors before we start talking business. Dave calls this “Connection Resurrection” or a “Warm-up Campaign” and it’s the beginning of our 2nd Phase of the Money Partner Formula – The “LAUNCH” Phase

The Key Elements of a Connection Resurrection

A good warm-up campaign should be personal and engaging. It should reconnect you with your prospective investors on a personal level before you start talking about real estate. This is done through a simple three-step email campaign sent out over a week or ten-day timeframe.

The first email is a personal catch-up email, updating your prospective investors on what you’ve been up to for the last three to five years. The second email is a video message, providing a more personal touch and a higher impact. The third email is a transition message, letting your prospective investors know that you’ll be switching gears and talking about real estate investing.

The Impact of a Connection Resurrection

One of our clients, Heather, implemented the warm-up campaign and saw a massive response. She reconnected with a lot of people she hadn’t heard from in a long time. Some of them sent her long replies, and three people reached out saying they were interested in what she was doing with real estate. This shows the power of reconnecting with people on a personal level before talking business.

Next Steps

Your task after reading this post is to prepare for your warm-up campaign. Create an outline of what you’ve been up to for the last three to five years. Talk about your personal life, your family, and your work. Don’t mention real estate until the transition message. Remember, the goal of the warm-up campaign is to reconnect with people on a personal level and set the stage for the rest of the marketing that will be coming down the pipeline.

In the next article of the “How to Raise Capital 101” series, Dave will show you a stealthy way to get a bunch of investor meetings set up right out of the gate. This is the shortcut to raising capital quickly and a way to do it without any pressure on you or the other person.

Ready to Revive Your Investor Connections?

Now that you understand the power of Connection Resurrection and how it’s a vital part of the Money Partner Formula, it’s time to take the next step. We’ve helped over 300 clients raise more than $300 million since 2013 by implementing the entire Money Partner Formula, and we’re ready to help you too.
Don’t miss this opportunity to breathe new life into your investor connections. Book a call with us today at and let’s start your journey to reviving your investor connections as part of mastering the Money Partner Formula. Your future self will thank you!