Jamie and Leslie Collard from 3 to 47 units in 1.5 yrs

Lea and Lefry Amarille - 5 Investors ready to go!

Pete Schnepp - First Deal Fully Funded with OPM!

Cory Froc - Kudos to the "Ninja" Strategy (100K Investor)

Mark Onaba - Raising $440K with a WEBINAR

Shyam Ramreka - "They are ALL on-board"

Carina and Dave - 8 Months & Over 1M Raised

Bruno Jury - "This works!" ($200K raised from 1st meeting)

Sabrina Dussault - "Whoa! Where do I put all their money?"

Craig Lindgaard - Having His Own BOOK...

“It’s Mind-Blowing!”

We were able to raise $440,000 which is what we needed to close on that deal…it’s mind blowing…mind blowing!

Mark Onaba
1.52 M Raised now!

“…we raised $450,000 for one project and …$550,000 for another”

Since working with you we raised $450,000 for one project and … $550,000 for another Self Storage investment. Now we are doing a CAD $1.5 million equity raise…So the techniques and tips work.

Paul Reynolds & Jon Wyles
Stop N Store

“…showed them our presentation and they were on-board!”

We got a joint venture partner on it…so we showed them our power point presentation and they were on board!

Jamie & Leslie Collard
(Added 4 New Properties FAST with Investors!)

“This works!”

I did what you recommended to do…it was my first presentation so I was a little more informal. He asked a lot of questions and by the end he was really happy and excited…(and he’s going to invest) $200,000! This works!

Bruno Jury

“…it really feels like your success is his success”

The support, the emails support, the calls, he’s there 100% and it really feels like your success is his success

Rick Wheeler
Full-Time Real Estate Entrepreneur

“…I got an investor eagerly on board, along with all of her friends!”

One thing that worked really well for me was the PowerPoint presentation. I did what he said, I plugged my information into it, I followed his tips and I went and had a meeting with an investor. They were more than impressed…I got an investor eagerly on board along with all of her friends!

Brendan Skilton-Douglas
From beginner to pro-investor in record time!

“$637,00 Raised So Far…”

Good to go on the first two 6 plex units and working on the next 2…thanks again for the help!

Aaron Bellmore
Award-Winning Full-time Real Estate Entrepreneur

“…six appointments booked”

…with the ‘ninja’ technique I sent out seven message and I’ve got six appointments booked…and another one coming back to me, so it will be seven for seven!”

Annaly & Jacob Schroeder

“…I just had a successful meeting with one of my Top 50 today…”

Hi Dave,

Just to let you know that I just had a successful meeting with one of my Top 50 today…She enjoyed and liked the presentation, mail marketing and the business model…she is interested in working with me…in a JV to invest in a multi-family property in Ottawa.


Michael B. Arthur
Realtor and Real Estate Entrepreneur

“…it got me to that next level that I needed to be at.”

“It’s like sitting in a rocket ship and feeling all the Gs when you’re taking off!
…it just got me to that next level that I needed to be in such a short condensed time.”

Joe Migadel
Rent-to-Own Specialist

“If I had to do it again, I’d…take Dave’s Offer…”

…he’s done all the things that I’ve actually done and I feel that if I had the chance to do it again, I’d … be taking Dave’s offer rather than spending a lot more money than I had on another alternative.

Sua Truong
Synergy Real Estate Club President

“A lot of people promise the world, but you deliver it…”

The website is fantastic, you can just direct people there…there are so many different components there that are all valuable.
A lot of people promise the world, but you deliver it…there’s five deals that I can think of that are a direct result of me listening to what you had to say in your program

Craig Lindgaard
Full-time real estate entrepreneur

“To me, this is the best investment I could have made.”

I’m fairly new to real estate investing and I found it was taking a lot of time to get this going…but now, bam-bam-bam things are just happening and I’m rolling and …I couldn’t have done that by myself. To me, this was the best investment I could have made.”

Melanie Kinch

Client Successes and Case Studies