Dave Dubeau

Superpower : Marketing for Capital

Founder and President of Results Enterprises, creator of The Money Partner Formula. Dave has been investing in real estate since 2003. Host of the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast. Author of 8 books on marketing and real estate investing.

Monique Cunningham

Superpower : Systemizing

Certified Online Business Manager known for her love of systems and processes. 10+ years experience in marketing automation and systems creation. Lover of SOPs. Lives in Louisiana.

Gord Lemon

Superpower : Coach

33 year veteran in residential and commercial property investment in both Canada and the U.S. Author, trainer and coach in the real estate industry for 18 years. Founder of InAgent.com

Lorna Enriquez

Superpower : Customer Experiences

Dedicated Executive Assistant to Dave Dubeau. Lorna has spent most of her professional career working closely with Dave at Money Partner Formula. Superb support guiding clients through their marketing efforts. Favorite hobbies include backpacking in the mountains and running marathons.

Jay Mark Daplin

Superpower : Goal-Getter

3+ years real estate support professional internationally with an extensive background in real estate research. Lives in Butuan City, Philippines. Hobbies include badminton, mountain climbing and evangelism.

Justin Mah

Superpower : Clarity & Certainty

Able to give confidence to clients when they doubt the best way forward. Providing clarity to clients which leads to confidence in achieving their goals.

Carla Aliwalas

Superpower : Support

Excellent communication skills with ability to interact with clients and team. Documenting SOPs for smoother client marketing delivery experience. Hobbies include cooking, karaoke and eating.

Lance Stainer

Superpower : Communication

10+ years experience in corporate management and entrepreneurship. Has spoken to tens of thousands of people across Canada and raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Has years of house flipping real estate experience, and has worked extensively with the Dale Carnegie institute as a trainer in sales, communication, public speaking and leadership.

Ma Cecilia Mercado

Superpower : Podcast Strategy

Cecilia makes a living by eavesdropping to other people’s business conversation. She’s the secret weapon of most B2B coaches with community members who are looking to grow their network with quality people through podcasting. By reducing overwhelm, Cecilia effectively launches, grows, and maintains podcasts for clients where they don’t have to worry about anything except pressing the record button.

Nancy Joy Fernando

Superpower : Podcast Booking Agent

Nancy will take your stress away from researching and reaching out to a list of potential guests for your podcast and getting you booked on established podcasts relevant to your expertise as well. All you need to do is prepare prior to the interview date.

Winston Bromley

Superpower : Digital Marketing.

17+ years as a digital marketing consultant. Creating and “wizard-behind-the-curtain” for many businesses. Over 25 years of developing sites and implementing new technologies to help clients grow faster.